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Envisioning the End …

God will always speak to your potential. What I mean by this is that the vision that He imparts will speak forth to your destination point. The end of the journey is shown to you without the understanding of what it is going to take to arrive on time.

Most of us misunderstand this moment and in doing so cause ourselves unnecessary pain that we could have avoided had we understood.

We are locked into the bigger plan where we are given a glimpse of how He see our future. The reason that He does this is so you will have a clear picture in your heart of what you are not at all capable of accomplishing. This is the beginning of the end of yourself. If you are able to accomplish the vision in your own strength, I question the vision.

At no time does He ever require your strength to fulfill what He sets into motion. On the contrary. Your weakness is required, not your strength. You need to decrease so that He can increase. You need to die to yourself so that you can live all that He has desired for you.

Your life needs to be laid down, so that you can be empowered to walk in His strength.

Everything that you have been taught to this point will be challenged. Only that which is of Him will remain everything else will be burnt out of you. There is no easy 1-2-3 steps and your finished. This endeavor will require the rest of your life, in a posture of continually being placed in His fiery furnace where the dross in your life is burnt off.

God will always show you the end result, this is how He sees your future. What happens next is what derails most people. The journey starts from the furthest part from your destiny, and walks you forward to what you originally saw. This process is years in the making, and even more, in the development stages. It is God who has said that it is He who orders our steps, He holds the timing.

When we first receive it, we immediately think it is going to start right away. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is years in the making and the refining of our character is one of the greatest areas that we do not understand. Most people look at the anointing and by pass the character.

If all you have is the anointing you will soon fizzle out because you do not have the character to sustain the anointing.

One of the Lord’s greatest struggles is to teach people this process. We are a society where everything we want is at our fingertips. Waiting for years to have our character refined is not high on our list. In fact, we avoid it, and for many of us, we try really hard to make it happen in our own strength, only to fail badly. Since it is God’s design, He alone knows the what needs to take place.

You will always during this process encounter moments where man want to elevate you before it is time. A wise man knows the difference between the two and choses to follow the steps the Lord has set out for him to follow. The bible say that we are to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt us in due time.

Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God [set aside self-righteous pride], so that He may exalt you [to a place of honor in His service] at the appropriate time ((1 Peter 5:6 AMP)

One of the greatest and most difficult lessons that we face is pleasing God instead of Man. God’s ways are absolute opposite to the ways of the world. When we exalt ourselves, we will be humbled. When we fall upon the rock we will be broken. When the rock falls upon us we are crushed.  We make this decision based upon the character, or lack of it.

It can take years, to create within you the character that is required to stand, when everything around you fails. To not shrink back, waiver in your ways, harden your heart, or allow unbelief from entering into your heart. It requires a life that has been built upon His word, which is the atmosphere for miracles to happen.

The journey is designed for you and you alone. Nobody else can walk in your shoes, or do the things That you have been called to do. Your relationship with God, is His highest priority. Your ultimate goal should always be a desire to be like Him.

His character will keep you from the blunders that happen when we forge ahead without it.

There comes a time, where you are more interest in knowing Him, learning His ways, and accepting His hand at work in your life than anything else. You come to a point where you desire the correction the discipline because you understand that without it you are in fact an illegitimate son or daughter.

The Lord disciplines those in whom He loves. His ways are far beyond our ability to understand or comprehend the end result. This is the journey of a lifetime beyond what you could have ever expected. Your destination and the timing of it will come forth right on time.

When you walk into the fullness of it you will have been trained and made ready for it.

Prayer: Dear Lord when we put our confidence in your ability instead of ours, we have truly started to understand that in our strength we will fail. In your strength, we will be triumphant in all that we have been called to be. You are totally dependable in what you have said you would do.

Verse: The one who calls you by name is trustworthy and will thoroughly complete his work in you. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 TPT

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