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Discovering Gods Vision …

For us to understand that God really has a vision for our lives can be a real eye opener. Litterly, a lot of the time we forget God, and make a mess of what could have been enjoyable. We press forward will little or no understanding. Then there are those times that we include God, but our ulterior motives behind what we want, do not line up with His desires. So, we wait and wait, and then we get the light bulb moment.

Our lives for the most are consumed with what we want. This is a real statement that requires us to understand His ways.

For us to receive from the Lord we will first need to deal with those areas that are obstacles that hinder His Vision.

When we have gained the understanding, we will have come to the realization that what we have set up, that stands in the way, will need to be removed before we are able to understand His purpose and plan for our lives. When we are consumed with our lives it stands in the way and needs to be dealt with before we can advance.

As we start to seek God for His will, His desire, His vision we are starting to be aligned to ultimately, learning about Him. God is looking for hearts that when they receive the vision, will carry it to the fullness. Our part relies on us understanding that we need His help. In Jeremiah 33:3 we are told to call unto the Lord, and as we do;

He promises to show us great and unsearchable things that we do not know, things that are hidden and confined.

As long as we are consumed with a life that is not clear on the path that we are traveling on, we will always be unstable in our ways. There is not much point on God’s perspective to impart His dream into our hearts when we will not cherish that in which we have been given. This is why the Lord puts so much effort into getting us realigned. It is a surrendered heart that He is looking for. A heart that is willing to lay down whatever it takes to accomplish what He desirers. Then there is a starting point, not before.

It requires our lives to be aligned where we have taken His word and applied it. When we seek Him first and His plan everything else that we require is then added unto us. Can you not see how it has to be reversed before it has the power to move us forward. It is through these times that we gain more than what we were expecting.

When we position our hearts properly, we will only take hold of His vision and then carry it forward until we see the fullness of it. The importance of understanding this is vital to the advancement of His Kingdom here on Earth. When we do our part, it creates a ripple effect in the heavens because of it.

Our whole purpose comes out of His word in who we are, and what the benefits are because of it.

We are not able to understand the authority we have been given as long as we are stuck moving aimlessly through life with out understanding who we are. We are not able to take hold of the things of God as long we are without these very ingredients working in our lives. His vision is imparted into a person’s life who has surrendered and has answered the call.

We are called to seek God with all of our hearts, and it is only then that we can expect to receive from him. Nothing changes until we reach this point in our walk with Him. When we get desperate thing change for the better. When we ask, we receive, when we seek, we find, and when we knock the door is opened.

What changed is our recognition of our need of His intervention in our lives. 

The persistence of calling is just that. Call until you receive understanding. Pick up the phone and leave a message each day until He gets back to you. The bible says that as we seek Him, we will find Him. Our hearts need to be aligned and ready to receive His will and vision for our lives. This is the time of preparation that is required, laying down our plans, so we can receive His.

The bible says, that many are the plans in our hearts, yet it is the Lord that determines the steps.

Our focus turns to what He is asking, and that is, that we come with an open heart, ready to embrace the steps that He has set before us. The inner war is settled, our spirits are now operating in a place of obedience. Yes Lord, is on the tip of our tongue.

Prayer: Dear Lord I pray that you will reveal to us your purpose and plan. Unfold your vision, allowing us the strength to be bold, and stouthearted, for when we call, you will answer. Allow us to take hold of the path that you have set before us, taking us where only you know the way.

Verse: ‘Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. (Jeremiah 33:3NLT)

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