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My friends, nothing comes easy and if it does it generally does not last. Easy come easy go. The days ahead are anything but easy. It is going to require a real strong determination to accomplish everything that is at hand.

My kingdom is advancing in the midst of the chaos that you find yourself in. Remember it is I who has called you to this place. I will see you through to the other-side. That is my promise to you.

I have designed it this way for a very real reason. To stand in this next hour is going to have to come from deep within. This is the place where you have resolved to the fact that whatever it takes, there is no other choice at hand.

Today though hard it is building in you a steadfast spirit that is unmovable & unshakable. The character that you lack by the end of this, and when it counts the most, will be ready. The time of preparation is what I have set in motion, knowing that if you are not prepared you will never withstand the onslaught that will be coming at you in the days ahead.

When you have trained yourselves to listen, then you will be able to discern the steps ahead. This is one of the hardest areas to get My people to understand.

When you have trained your spiritual ears to hear My voice everything else flows from that point.

When your soul is busy and full of the cares of this world you become troubled on every-side. It is only when you have trained your soul the importance of stillness, that we can commune together without the constant bombardment of interruptions. Your soul, when left unto its own desires, leads you opposite of the very things that I desire for you.

It is out of learning to listen and surrendering that you are able to watch and see from a completely different perspective. This process enables you to not only be watchful but to stay alert. Your perception has been reorganized. No longer are you falling prey to areas that in the past were either  blind spots, or a lack of understanding.

To become Unmovable & Unshakeable your confidence can no longer be in your ability, or your strength, but in Mine. When you establish faith within your heart it will move a mountain. When you try only to establish faith in your head it becomes religion, nothing more than words. Totally worthless, of no value.

Why? When the first storm comes, the first thing that will take you out will be fear, or an over confident thinking that is based on what someone else has accomplished.

You can never conquer a mountain unless you yourself have walked it out by faith. That is what it takes to become an overcomer.

Actions speak louder than words. You see, it is the action that is the ingredient that sets you apart from all those who claim to have faith, yet have no fruit to show for it. Faith operates on this principal. Unless you have actions with works attached to it you have nothing of substance when it matters the most. It is this very thing that will enviably set you apart from the rest.

When you need to stand in an hour, when chaos is all around you, and everyone is running in the opposite direction, it will be what I have taught you in this place of combat where I have truly trained your hands for war.

Your stability does not just show up unannounced. It is something that you will have to fight for, stand for, and believe in. You can only do that, when you have established in your heart all the victories that you have been given, all because you stood when others turned and ran.

When they are laying down their weapons and running for home, you will stand in that hour and face the fight. You will see the effects that My fire has burnt deep into the character that I have created within a Woman & Man. Your ability to weather the storms starts in this very place.

Your light will pierces the darkness. Your vision will take hold as you see beyond. All of this in an hour when chaos is rampant, and when others are needing to find your “Beacon of Light.”

You are My warriors, ones who will face the fight and be victorious in all that I have called you to be.

Make no mistake I have not set you up to fail. Your faith will kill and destroy the works of the enemy. They will know you by name. You will do great exploits all because of this very thing. You took the time when needed, and learnt about who “I AM.”

When we go out to battle there is no turning back. Everything that you have been taught will come forth at the right time, with the power needed to dismantle and tear down those very areas that stand opposed to what I desire to do.

“I Call You My Faithful Ones.”

Listen, stay alert, stand tall in the faith, be courageous, and be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13 Voice)

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