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We can spend a life time being stuck in looking backwards. The past is a reality that cannot be changed, but we need to understand that progress requires us to advance. Change happens, and unless you move with it you will get left behind. Our present means to look straight ahead, connecting to the path that the Lord is setting before our feet. What God has for us, requires us to have the ability to look forward by faith, not behind at we have left to get to where we are.

Our lives that we have had, is where we have come from, to where we are currently, to where we are going. From time to time, I find myself visiting the past, but not camping where I should only be passing through. Learn from the past, and take the treasures that you have gained forward, knowing tomorrow has yet to come.

The problem lies in this, when stuck we leave all the opportunities behind, and miss out on what could have been, what could have worked, and what we could have become. Your and my purpose is defined by the Lord’s plan for our lives. Nowhere are we called backwards.

It is easy to fall in the cycle of not having the things that you had hoped for and missing what you had. Here lies the enemy looking for away to get your eyes off of the target that God has set before you. A little glance, with a heavy heart, becomes focused on what the enemy whispers in your ear. Your flesh will always gravitate in this direction. The key is to understanding the strategies of the enemy, and then making your stand to not open the door to unbelief.

One of the greatest challenges that we face as Christians is when we have advanced into an area that God has opened, and nothing works according to plan from that time forth. I am now talking about those who have correctly heard the Lord, moved according to the directions that were received, only to find yourself in a state of uncertainty.

There are many obstacles that come un-announced. It is during these very times that it requires faith. It has been faith that has brought you to this point, and faith is required for you to advance past this point. When you find yourself in these very situations it is really hard not to look back and see where you were compared to what you now stand before because of faith.

So, let me try and explain it the best I can. It is called war. Nothing can bring you forth to where God desires for you to be unless you lock into the process. The process is designed to kill your flesh and equip your spirit to stand strong in the face of any and all opposition. Everything that you need to gain victory has already been given to you. Your part is to take hold of it and press forward into what you are not able to see.

Anytime that you are identified as one in whom God knows … you have become a target. Our soulish desires need to be addressed; they cannot go unchecked. We are totally surprised but the Lord in His wisdom is not. This is the point that we have been waiting for it just comes in at first a package that we did not recognise. God never misses a note when He plans out our future, and He is never late.

Everything God does has an order with it. The problem that we encounter is, we are not blessed with seeing the end of the matter. We see only what He desires for us to see, then we walk by faith towards it. The challenge that we will always encounter, will be our lack of trust and confidence in God and His ability. Sounds crazy when you think about it … but true.

God knows that there are areas that we all lack, and in doing so orchestrates a plan designed for your life and no one else’s. It is here where you meet your weakness Face-to-Face. There is no escaping these moments. These when completed will have you victorious, a serious strength to be reckoned with. You will have become single-minded and your focus will be fixed on the mark.

No small thing is actually achieved when we encounter these moments in our lives. Our strength is in where we are going, not in where we have been. This is how you come to terms with the Past, the Present, and the Future.

God already knows our weaknesses, and in-spite of that, still chooses to walk with us until our lives represent who He has called us to become. At no time does He ever waiver in the direction that we are heading. We on the other hand at times during these seasons come short many times.

When we actually step forward in the authority that only He could have seen … Hell shutters at who we have become. We are No-longer moved by the past, no-longer stuck in the present, eyes fixed on the future. We have in this moment accomplished what the Lord set out to do.

The war in the heavens over this season to bring you forth to this point again, no small thing. God’s word will never come back to Him empty but will accomplish all that it was called to do. When God is for you who can be against you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, you understand the past in our lives, and how we can at times become so stuck, not able to see our way forward. Please give us the eyes to see the present, and a glimpse of what our future could be. Give us the ability to set our sails to your breath upon our lives, that we arrive at our destinations on time.

Verse: Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path. Proverbs 4:26 NLT

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