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The World & It’s Ways …

In life, we in our own foolishness decide that we can sidestep what matters the most. Yet it is this very arrogance that fuels our destruction. Our destruction comes out of choices that we make. No one else can be held accountable for this decision. We are left with out an excuse. When we base our decisions on freedom we have in-fact errored. Yet the truth is simple. For us to gain life we first must lose it.

Listen to what 1 Corinthians 2:14 says;

If someone does not believe in God, they cannot accept the message that comes from God’s Spirit. They think that God’s message is silly. They cannot even understand those things. Only God’s Spirit can explain them to people. (1 Corinthians 2:14 EASY)

The world and those in it, laugh and sneer at those who seek God. To them it is absolutely absurd total foolishness. They call those that do, weak and leaning on a crutch. To depend upon God is a weakness that they will not entertain.

To depend upon God is a weakness that they will not entertain

The world and the god over it have deceived mankind. It has painted a pretty picture of delusion that most have aimlessly walked forward and have eaten of it. They do not need a God for they have in fact become god. Their decisions are based on the wisdom of the philosophers who have given them exactly what they were wanting to hear.

The more they want the more they have. True success is found in who they have become. You can be whatever you desire, there are no limitations that can hold you back. You are allowed in the freedom of creativity to determine who you are, and in that, you are able to decide and determine your own outcome. There are no limitations. What you create in your mind is yours for the having.

You are encouraged to lust after and desire what others have, and your happiness is acquired through what you accomplish. Even if it fades, which it surely will, you then have the ability to continue onto the next pleasure that brings you to your true happiness, or so you think.

Your life is caught up in a continual whirlwind, where you are so engrossed in your life that you are oblivious to all that is around you. Your self-centered ways have become the very thing that has crippled you, and has left you severely handicapped. In your freedom you have become bound to the god of this age.

Your self-centered ways have become the very thing that has crippled you

This is your future. There can be no end to the demand placed upon you, because this is the path that you have willingly walked upon, and have made it your own. You choose this path, this journey, and now are blinded to what has always been before you. Your eyes are not able to see, nor are your ears able to hear.

The world has declared that you must be strong and confident in who it says that you are. To put yourself first before others. Everything that it teaches, will be in direct opposition to the “Kingdom of God.” Its philosophies and perspective are seen through the lens that does not require God.

When you do not have a gauge to use, how then do you know that the direction that you are heading in, will in fact, get you to the destination that you are aimlessly traveling towards? What would happen if in fact you were deceived in the midst of it, yet were blinded because of it?

Listen to what Romans 12:2 says;

Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete. (Roman 12:2 Voice)

When stuck in the routine of life where it has always been this way, you might want to stop and look around. Take a good look to see if you have in fact conformed your life to the ways of this world, and the god that has governed it. If so, it will be this very place that you have allowed your life to be pressed into. A mold where you have been shaped by it. Oblivious from the truth, since you have never used anything to test it.

Oblivious from the truth, since you have never used anything to test it

If all you lack is a new way of thinking it might be worth the time to figure this out. If the transformation is there, where your mind actually has the ability to be renewed, only then do you have something to weigh, and test, and approve, what is right and wrong.

I have seen many Christians who have been caught in this cycle. They live a life of defeat because they have never separated themselves from the world and its ways. Saved, yes but bound. Never walking in total victory.

I am able to see at times in my own life, where Gods word was not strong in my life. Where I too had adapted the ways of the world, and got lost in the middle of it. When I finally started to take His word and digest it, only then did it start to transform and change the way I thought. It did not all happen at once. But as I started to embrace His word, and walk in it according to what was written, only then did I begin to see the transformation and the power of it.

Our old way of thinking and doing things, when confronted by God’s original plan, is exact opposites. Yet if our dependence is upon Him, and His word, we can rely on what we are promised because of it. This the world cannot counter, for its delusion has no help attached to it. It is void of help, because it was all a huge lie in the first place.

Its perfect vision of life, creates a picture that will never come to pass. It is all a big delusion, that has a false sense of security that could never produce anything. Its lack of foundation is only visible when it is no longer able to stand upon the structure upon which it has been built. Remember it is pride that has got it to this point, and it is pride that has caused the collapse.

Remember it is pride that has got it to this point, and it is pride that has caused the collapse

When the torrent of destruction hits, the only thing that can still be standing is found in those whose foundation is indeed the “Rock of all Ages.” His help and protection will cause us to weather the storm, and come out the other side still standing.

Listen to what 2 Corinthians 1:3 says;

He helps us every time we have trouble. Then we are able to be strong and help other people every time they have trouble. We can do this with the same comfort that God gives us. (2 Corinthians 1:3 WE)


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