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Not For the Faint of Heart …

The Season that many are entering into is the season of letting go. It is the next level of surrender that is now upon many of His people. The Lord is not putting His finger on those areas that you are able to do in your own strength or easily let go of. The Lord is actually putting His finger on those areas that you are passionate about.

The question of the Lord is simply; Will You Follow Me?

It is just important to note that those areas that He has asked for you to surrender in will still require the “Timing of The Lord.” You will need to seek out the timing and as you do it will become part of the actual grieving process that you must now start to embrace.

It is not that these areas have been wrong, on the contrary, these are good things that have been used by the Lord mightily in our lives to this point. So, the deep inner work that has begun to those who have answered the call to surrender has intensified. Most around you will not understand the journey that you are on. This requires for grace to be given to those, and yet a strong strength from within that will not wavier in this hour of testing.

On one hand you are being called to let go of those areas that you are passionate about. On the other hand, you are being required to step forward to what you are unable to see. “A Stepping Stone is all that you will have before you. You are required to seek His timing. It is in The Lords timing that your patience will be tested in every way. You know that He has required for it to be relinquished and yet the timing of it is in Him and Him alone.

You will be left with the uncertainty as to the why? The inner struggle between your soul and spirit will wage war like never before. The path that the Lord has chosen will not get you to your destination in a quick fashion. It is actually designed to do the opposite. Our ability to discern what is happening during this season is so crucial. We are being trained to look with the inner eyes of our hearts into His Spirit and then forsaking all and following in the direction upon which we are being led.

The Lord is killing the man pleasing and the need of its approval. We are being taught to listen to His directions over our lives, acknowledging that it is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us. This very process is designed to take us to the end of ourselves and through to the other-side.

On one hand there will be a grieving of the letting go, without the clarity of what we can expect in return. The only thing that we are left with is what He has said: “Trust Me” I know the way. We will be caught in a moment of tension beyond anything we have ever experienced. It is a war between the kingdom of this world that we are being separated from, and His Kingdom.

There is an advancement that is being made by His Spirit that has left everything in its path scurrying for cover. It is at a level we have never witnessed. We have been thrusted forward with the increased warfare as part of our training, as part of our advancement.

When it comes, it comes unannounced. We will not be able to see this coming, it will show up unannounced and in a very strong unprecedented way. It will be hidden in plain sight, yet the mystery of it we will have been veiled from. Everything that we do will need to be done by faith. The Lord has with held the understanding of it, to force us into our spirits and out of our souls. The journey requirements are simple from His stand point.

We will be left with a “Trust and Obey” moment.

Your obedience in the midst of uncertainty is what this is designed to prove. When you have come to the other-side it will have been accomplished by what you have stored up in your hearts. It has been designed to accomplish His desire. You will have encountered many moments during this season of “Deep Calling unto Deep.” What you had clearly seen in place weeks prior has now been drastically changed.

At no time has this been designed to appease your soul. It has been designed to take you apart. There is nothing easy about the path and the training that now awaits those who have answered the call. Your season of “Boot Camp Training” is now upon you. The season ahead is long and hard. Only those who are fit will survive the vigorous training that you have now walked forward into.

There is no turning back “You are Qualified” to undergo this intense season. If you are found in a looking back state it will disqualify you. Everyone’s eyes need to be fixed ahead with purpose. A soldier does not involve himself in civilian affairs. This is a season where you will endure hardship. The warfare that is raging around you will not decrease only increase.  The number 1 goal is the outcome that will be established. Your whole purpose will be to please the one who enlisted you.

This will challenge every piece of comfort that you have.

If you are not able to train your eyes, to fix your sights on the “New Horizon” that The Lord has placed before you, you will become unstable in all our ways. Many are called, few are chosen and even fewer remain faithful. The hour of testing is upon you. You will not be able to discern when you are being tested. Only when you have come through it will it be unveiled before you.

Again, it will depend upon what you draw on in that moment of being tested. From the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks. Your tongue has the ability to speak life or death. If you have applied His word and allowed it to establish a foundation in your heart you will survive for that very reason.

Expect to be set into periods of time of isolation. You will only commune with the Lord during these moments. The Lord is calling these moments “Intense Sessions of My Fire.” It is designed to burn hotter than anything you have ever experienced.

The end result will be a new level of “Personal Holiness.”

This season will require for you to set your sights to the “Mark” that the Lord is setting before you. You will be required to remove all of life’s distractions. Your days ahead can best be described as a wilderness setting. A retreat where you will only want to be found by the one who knows you by name.

The Lord has set you up to succeed and not fail. It will require 100% obedience. You will only fail if you quit. If you “Miss the Mark” you are required to do it again, and again until you arrive victoriously in what The Lord has set before you. This is a step that cannot be side-stepped.

The end result of this vigor’s training is for your benefit. At the end of this long what will seem like a dragged-out-process, “The Lords True Voice” will have been established in you. The distinction between His voice, and all the other voices will have been determined.

Your heart will finally recognize “His True Voice”

You’re training when completed will then be required by the Lord to be taught to others. You only have authority over what you have become victorious in. Your greatest weakness has become your greatest strength.

This is a huge shift that has caught the enemy off guard. They were moving in a direction where they actually felt that they had the upper hand. Watch and see the power that will now be unlocked in your lives as you embrace this year forward into the coming year 5784 – 2024.

You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. (2 Timothy 2:3-4 NKJV)

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  • Angelika says:

    I look forward to receiving your posts and this post was very timely! “You will only fail if you quit” was encouraging to me!
    I do not understand what you mean by “embrace this year forward into the coming year 5784-2024” since to me, this year is 2023 or is 5784 referring to our planet’s age?

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