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There has never before in history been such a time where we have had such access to the word. Why then is it void in most of our hearts? Jesus is the living word, the very spoken expression Of God. His word is light and brings clarity to our darkness, yet we seek Him not.

At our finger tips we hold the power to unlock His word, and have it as a living demonstration in our lives.

There is no one in whom we can find salvation, there is no one who has the power to save us. His word has a liberating power that unleashes His mighty working power of His word from within us. So, why is it then that we do not see the need for this word that promises to conquer all our fears?  His word has the ability to set our feet dancing upon our enemy’s head, and we do not spend the time to work it out.

Without His word working in your life, you will never be able to receive correct direction. This is the truth for all people. So, the reality is this, we are left without an excuse. Think about that. The majority of the world takes its direction from social media, radio, television, and other people’s opinions. Never once do they consider God’s word.

God’s direction has been for the most left behind and ignored, mean while God has been reaching out trying to get mankind to pay attention. There really are storms coming bigger than you and I.

Without correct direction we will be overtaken with the word that brings death, instead of His word which brings life.

You see in our ability to not follow God’s word; we have opened the door for Satin and his agenda. He fully intends on killing all those who he has deceived. Our culture has become corrupted, and is on a very slippery slope. It is in the fast lane, the path is wide, and the end result is tragic.

Our greatest need is for there to become an awareness of how off course we have become. To understand, that no matter how hard we try to get this next hour right, unless we have God working on our behalf we will fail in our own misery. We will be left in a state of total torment. All because we never took the time to realize the need for God, His word, and His salvation thru His Son Jesus. Without it we will be destroyed.

Only when we turn back to His standard will we become free. Not only free, but free indeed. No longer serving the “Task Master” of this world. We will step out of the kingdom of darkness, and into His marvelous light. A Kingdom that is eternal with no end.

God’s word contains an authentic revelation of God, His ways, His love, His grace, His Son, and His way to salvation that will save mankind from destruction.

Question: so, where are you at? There is a quote that says this:

“If it is a priority in your life, you will make time for it, other wise you will make excuses as to why you did not”

Prayer: Dear Lord there is so much that could be said, yet the hour is at hand. Help us to find our way back to you. But more than that, help us to never find ourselves in this place again, where we have drifted so far from your word. Give us the eyes to see the truth with the clarity that only you can see. Your word is living and active and has the ability to set us free.

Verse: In no one else can salvation be found. For in all the world no other name has been given to men but this, and it is by this name that we must be saved!” (Acts 4:12 Phillips)

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